INTERIOR TRENDS – 7 Unexpected 2023 Décor Trends according to Pinterest

The list, called “Pinterest Predicts“, is a huge research based on what people research, like and save in their Pinterest accounts. In fact, the trends are identified by the Pinterest team through an extensive analysis of the global search volumes of the last year. By being used by more than 250 million people, in fact, Pinterest is an amazing source to understand more about people tastes desires and needs, and so about the directions that different industries are heading off.

I went through the complete list and in this article I am sharing the most interesting ones and betting on which will be relevant interior trends still in 2023.

Trend 1 / Curvy Lines

We were already writing here that curvy furniture is the big trend in design for 2022 and the Pinterest researches actually confirm this, with rising researches on many different objects for the home with the “curvy” adjective. Example:

Trend 2 / Gothic Decor

Looks like there is going to be soon a new revival of the Gothic style, an old and recurring trend over the decades. Nonconformist and of course dark, this trend encompasses different industries – from fashion to interior design, with lots of researches related to kitchen furniture. Probably, because as we already mentioned last year in our Trend Book: Kitchen Trends 21/22, dark kitchens are one of the major trends in kitchen design? See for example:

Trend 3 / Check patterns

In 2022, according to Pinterest the checked motif will experience a triumphal return that affects every area of the lifestyle: from men’s clothing to nail art to furnishings, researches for the check patterns went high this year. See for example these researches:

Trend 4 / New luxury

According to Pinterest, 2022 will be the year where new ways of luxury will be explored. Inside our homes, for example, with new ideas and makeovers to bring a twist of luxury in unpredicted places such as service rooms. Luxury  laundries, cellars, garages – are rising in the researches:

Trend 5 / Biophilic Design

Nothing new, as we’ve been writing and reading about biophilic design as one of the key trends of these times for years now. But it’s interesting anyways to see how natural green is getting more and more popular in the everyday homes, and in which rooms – see from these researches:

Trend 6 / Hellenism

An interesting news I spotted in the report is the revival of something really “old-styled” – hellenism. In fact, the aesthetic codes of antiquity are experiencing a real renaissance and this year the inspiration comes from ancient Greece: Corinthian-style furnishings and wallpaper with the Olympians are just some of the ideas that are popular among generation Z. See the others:

Trend 7 / Shop Design

In 2022, more and more entrepreneurs, including millennials, boomers and generation X, will open an internet or physical business and rely on Pinterest to find ideas on display, window displays and signs.

Here the researches which are more popular:


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