About Urban Brand Co

With over 25 years’ experience in the design and construction industry, having represented over 400 various companies at any given time, and actively contributing to the functioning of this industry, Urban Brand Co has already positioned itself for success – and you can now become a part of it!

After recognising a glaring gap in the market where individuals struggled to gain access to property specialists, suppliers, and related service providers on one single platform, our Directory was born. Our digital platform has been created with the intention of supporting individuals like yourself through the entire lifecycle of a project from the initial planning stages all the way to completion.

This digital platform was built upon our desire to establish a space in which manufacturers and suppliers, architects, contractors, and all other project professionals can engage and collaborate. Leveraging the power of the internet, we can bring property individuals together in one of the quickest and most time-efficient manners.

Better yet, our unique system is designed that you get pre-qualified leads directly from the source, straight into your mailbox, that you can access anytime and anywhere. We are currently focused on developing and serving the South Africa, Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, and America markets but will be expanding to serve the whole construction globally.

Additionally, to the directory listing, we also offer direct marketing services into Africa and Australia through an affiliation where we have already developed key relationships with these key decision makers and will represent your brand with the same passion as we would Urban Brand Co, after all, no-one knows marketing like we do with jointly over 50 years’ experience.
The future starts now. Are you ready to be a part of it?

Our Vision

Our vision is to actively support the global design and construction industry by creating a state-of-the-art online directory that instantly grants you access to a selection of highly qualified, renowned industry professionals & suppliers. We aim to provide a one stop shop for the industry that covers all your project and marketing needs – at the simple click of a button!

Our Mission

Urban Brand Co team currently stands on the cusp of exceptional innovation, power, and convenience … and it’s time that you took your place alongside us.

Our mission at Urban Brand Co is to expertly create a fully searchable, comprehensive, and easy to use international online directory that offers real-time access to recognised suppliers and professionals across the globe. This custom-designed digital playing field will allow industry players to benefit from optimised sourcing requirements, brand awareness efforts and incredible lead generation opportunities … all in a matter of seconds. We wish to be your No.1 marketing-based solutions provider covering everything under one roof (literally speaking).

What We Do

Engaging in the design and construction industry not only means being a part of one of the fastest-growing global networks but also encountering several questions, hurdles and roadblocks …all of which have been addressed (and solved) by our online directory and marketing services.